Get Experience

Work experience is one of the best ways of getting a job, whether it is related to that job or not. Employers want to see that you know what having a job is like and that you have been able to develop skills to use for future employment. It also helps to show them where your interests lie and, so, where you would be best suited in their company. In this article we will be looking at popular resources for college students and recent grads, the benefits of entry level jobs and the importance of gaining experience.

Popular Resources

If you are fresh from college or are an alumnus with a little bit of experience there are sites that are garnered towards you and your job seeking needs.

These are sites that post predominantly entry level positions on their job listings pages. Some sites, such as NACElink and Experience are associated with college career offices and so you will have to register to gain access. is a site that offers job application information, entry level job listings and tips for those lucky few who have received job offers. provides information for students and graduates about business opportunities, continuing education, and seeking employment. is a website dedicated to those still in school. They offer seasonal employment. This could also be for grads who do not want traditional employment.

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Entry Level Jobs

Here is a list of some common entry level positions: human resources assistant, credit analyst, account coordinator, auditor, copywriter and junior engineer. When choosing an entry level position it is important that your choice is not made purely on how much money you will be making. One thing to keep in mind when deciding which entry level position to choose is: what skills will I acquire? Think about the job that you would like to have and what skills it would require for you to be able to obtain that position. Other than just helping you to develop skills make sure that the position meets some of your interests. You do not want to be thoroughly bored at work as this may affect your work performance. Along with the skills that you will develop another benefit of choosing the right entry level position will be the people that you will meet and network with. These are the people who will help you to get your dream job so choose wisely and always act in a professional manner.

Gaining Skills

It is important to remember that all work experience counts. Whether it’s a seasonal position, casual, part time or a student placement it can help you to get a job. The important thing is to remember how these jobs will help your career and personal development. Being able to hold onto a casual or part time job can be good as it shows your employer that you are willing to stick it out and you will be given more responsibilities that you can add on to your resume. When choosing a job think of what kind of experience that you wish to gain. With the job you have, think about the types of skills and experience that you are gaining. Job experience can help those who are uncertain about what they want to do figure out where their skills and abilities lie. There’s nothing like a front line position in the social services to let you know that you do not want to be a social worker.