Group Interviews

Group interviews can be particularly nerve wracking. Not only are you trying to make yourself look good to a potential future employer, you also have to make yourself look comparatively better than all of the competition in the room. This can be quite hard to pull off. Here are three ways of making sure you do well on your group interview: engage with the interviewers, research the company and be gracious.

Engage With The Interviewers

A good way of engaging your interviewers is by actively engaging them. This means responding directly to them when they ask questions. For instance, make sure you make eye contact with the interviewer who has asked the question.

As well, make sure to use their name when replying to the question. Another good way of engaging your interviewers is by learning a little bit about them. Find out what their job title is and what some of their duties involve. You can even ask them how their job is connected with your potential one. Thirdly, if you are given the opportunity to ask questions at the end, ask questions that are directly related to your interviewers positions so that they feel more involved in the interview process.

Woman giving a cute smile during job interview

Finally, pay attention to group dynamics. Maybe this isn’t the team you want to be working with. It is important to remember that you are, in a way, interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you.

Research The Company

Before you go to your interview it is important that you research the company first. This way you do not look like you were aimlessly sending resumes to random companies. It makes it seem like you have some interest in the job. The first part of researching a company is going to their company website. Here you will be able to find the company’s goals, mission statements, products and services, company history, information about management and the company culture. Nowadays a lot of companies are using LinkedIn. Hop on over and see if you can find your company’s profile on there. You will be able to see company statistics, your connections at the company, promotions, jobs posted, new hire and related companies. If you have a connection that can get you inside information then use it. There is no harm in knowing too much about a company. You are going to be working for them for potentially a long time. You want to know what you are getting yourself into.

Be Gracious

A good way of acing that group interview is by being gracious. After the interview make sure to send “thank you” cards to all of the interviewers to show that you were paying attention and have an interest in not only the job but the interviewers as well. Make sure to write a few things you remember discussing with them particularly. This way they will feel like they are a valuable part of the interviewing process and the company. Flattery gets you everywhere.