Introduce Yourself

As the new person in the office it is important that you do not remain a nameless face. The sooner you can get around and introduce yourself the better. This will not only help work to go smoothly but it will also open the door to networking and even some socializing. You can consider these benefits or perks of the job.

Break The Ice

First thing’s first, breaking the ice. Simply approaching someone can be very difficult. You have a lot of fellow employees, all with their own personalities and ways they like to do things. Getting to know them is going to be key to your success at the job, especially during time when teamwork is necessary.

Some might be taken aback if you just walk up to them and ask them how they like to work. Think of an ice breaker. What do you know about them? Do they like donuts? Bring one for them. Coffee? Bring one of those.

smiling man shaking hands with a co-worker

Do they have kids? Ask about them. They probably have some pictures of them in their wallet or purse they would be dying to show you. Most importantly, if you have not had the chance to meet with your boss, breaking the ice can be difficult. Try to figure out if your boss is formal or informal. You may need to schedule a meeting in which to try and break the ice. Or, maybe you can just knock on their door at the end of the day and chat for a few minutes.

Stop By

Stopping by your co-workers cubicle or your boss’s office can be a good way of showing your interest in them. On your way to the copy machine you can take 5 minutes to see how they are and ask if there is anything new going on in their lives. It may be difficult to simply stop by your boss’s office, especially if they are very formal in the way they run the office. You do not want to make your boss uneasy when you are around. The same goes with your co-employees. Make sure not to force yourself on someone that may be a bit introverted. Generally though a fellow employee will appreciate the time you take to check in with them.

Schedule Lunch

One sure-fire way of getting to know your fellow employees is at lunch. More importantly it’s right in the middle of your work day so you don’t have to worry about spending your own time trying to get to know someone at work. To lighten the mood you can always try going somewhere fun for lunch, or you can try to figure out where your fellow employee likes to go for lunch. There can be a lot of bonding done over lunch. This raises another good point. You don’t have to impress anyone by suggesting an expensive place. Most people would be happier (financially) and more relaxed at a fast food place (somewhere you can enjoy some comfort foods).