Take Notes

As you start your new job you are going to be bombarded with information. Finding a way of keeping this information organized will guarantee that you will remain well informed. Taking notes is the best way of doing this. With your handheld or even a pad and pen jot down everything, whether it seems important at the time or not. It may assist you later on. In this article we will be looking at the importance of writing it down, asking questions, and listening.

Write It Down

On your first day of the job be prepared to take notes. You will be bombarded with a lot of information so it is important that you have a way of retaining it.

Use your handheld or bring a small pad of paper that you can slip into your pocket, along with a pen of course. Remember, you can never take too many notes. Some information may seem arbitrary but note it regardless. You never know if it will prove useful in the future. Remembering your fellow employees’ names and positions will help you to gain favor around the workplace. Everyone likes to feel important. It also won’t hurt your inevitable rise to the top.

Woman jotting down notes as her supervisor explains a project

Taking notes on office equipment you have never used before, or that may have some funny glitches, will also be important. You do not want to annoy your fellow employees by asking them how to use the copy machine again and again, or how many times you’re supposed to push the button on the coffee machine.

Ask Questions

When given a task at work make sure that you are clear with the directions. If not, ask. There is nothing wrong with clarifying. Just make sure that it is during the initial meeting with your boss (or, whoever it is that is giving instruction). Also, be sure to take notes so that you will retain the information. Having clear and concise notes will help to direct you through each detail. Having to ask again will not good on your part. It may even become annoying to those who are giving you direction.

If you get your task done early don’t sit around and wait for the end of the day. Ask your boss if there is anything you can help them with. You don’t want to be caught sitting around doing nothing. Take initiative!


The most important skill to bring to your first day of the job is your listening skill. It is important to remember that you are stepping into an environment that is not familiar with you and your ideas. Even if you have been hired for your good ideas, keep them to yourself until you get a feel for your fellow workers. Your best bet is to just sit back, listen, and take some notes. Figuring out the dynamics of your work environment is very important. Figure out who will work with you and who you may need to become more acquainted with.